Upcoming Classes:
We offer a variety of classes for ages 14 and up, and all experience levels
are welcome. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds and offer
students a range of approaches to the creative ceramic process. We offer
instruction primarily in throwing and handbuilding, but occasionally we
will have special class sessions be able to offer you other types of art
classes such as mosaics, watercolor, drawing, and printmaking.
Classes are generally 6-week sessions, meeting once a week for a
3-hour class period. Our classroom is equipped with 8 wheels (5
Campbell's Flying Dragon Standard, 3 Thomas Stuart Classic), a
Northstar Slab Roller, a wall-mounted extruder, two large canvas-covered
tables, bats, ware boards, miscellaneous tools, and plenty of shelf space
to store class work. Class & materials fees for our clay classes include a
25 lb bag of clay (unless otherwise noted), shop glazes and slips, all
bisque and glaze firings, and open studio hours (Tuesday- Saturday
11am- 6pm and Thursdays 11am- 9pm).  New students receive a
complimentary pottery tool kit with their first ceramics class.
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Beginning Wheel Throwing
Mondays February 23rd 6 weeks 6-9pm
Instructor: Amy Hand
Class Fee: $220 including materials
Over the six weeks, students will learn to wedge, center, pull, trim and glaze simple thrown
pieces. Cups, mugs, bowls, plates, vases and covered jars will be demonstrated. Join Amy
for some productive fun and get your hands dirty!
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Beginning-Advanced Wheel Throwing
Wednesday  February 18th  6-9pm 6 weeks  
Instructor: Mike Robison
Class Fee: $220 including materials
Beginning students will learn all the steps required to produce cylinders, bowls, bottles, and
plates. Intermediate students will further refine the skills from the beginning class and and
new skills: lids, closed forms, and modular construction (teapots). Advanced students will
develop a personal style and develop themes for their pottery. Advanced students will work
toward large pots and sets.
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Hand Building- w/Amy Hand Tuesdays 6-9pm
February 24th 6 weeks
Rediscover the basic pinch, coil, and slab methods in this class for beginners and those
looking for a refresher in clay. Slump molds, hump molds, extruding and slab rolling will be
covered. Finishing techniques with slips, resists and glazes will be demonstrated and
available for student use and exploration
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Beginning/Intermediate Wheel Throwing
Monday Evenings 6-9pm January 12th 6 weeks
Instructor: Wendie Love     Class Fee: $220 including materials
This course will focus on the foundations of beginning throwing through advanced skill
development depending on the needs of each student. Students are encouraged to set
personal goals for their work
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Lots of Workshops and single day classes happening
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